Let us show you around our legendary campus

Welcome to our Main Classroom where Professor Peppermint will take you through New Elf Orientation (FREE PREVIEW) as well as courses such as Snowflake Design and Ornament Making.

For our next stop we'll visit the Elf Prep Kitchen where there's always something in the oven! Here you'll learn how to make our most favorite holiday treat... Elf Ear Cookies!

Let's move on to the infamous Toy Workshop where we elves spend quite a bit of time. It is here where Professor Peppermint will teach you how to build your very own toy!

Singing is something that runs through our veins. In fact we love it as much as we do candy canes!  We're excited to visit our Music Class where we'll learn how to sing the Elf Prep Cheer.
"Oh, E-L-F, E-L-F, Prep Academy!"

On to see our Reindeer Stable where the hardest working animals in the North Pole get to rest their hooves. Ooh... I think I see the most famous reindeer of all!

Ho, ho, ho... to Santa's Sleigh Garage we go! That's right, we'll get a closer look at Santa's magical sleigh learning all about what makes it fly!